Staffies of the Rich & Famous

For those who have come to learn and love the genial and loyal disposition that is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, there is no better breed. The unfair stigma that the Staffie lives with is slowly passing thanks to a good number of well known and famous individuals who have taken on one or more Staffordshire Bull Terriers. If there is one thing being a celebrity can do, it is draw attention to certain issues and causes. Interest and popularity has grown for the Staffie now that they are seen in the care of many well recognized actors, singers and vocal activists. The breed is also coming into its own with roles in books, commercials, TV and movies.

One of the most popular Staffordshire Bull Terriers is likely that of late conservationist Steve Irwin. His female Staffie named Sui made many cameos on his popular TV show The Crocodile Hunter. Time and again, Sui demonstrated the epitome of Staffordshire Bull Terrier bravery by placing herself only inches away from her owner while he wrestled alligators. She was often filmed nipping at the tails of crocodiles in order to help draw attention off of her owner at crucial times. It was simply a fantastic example of what the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred to do. Irwin was said to be such a great fan of his Staffie that his daughter actually shares her name with the dog. There are a great many pictures and film footage of Irwin accompanied by his canine companion before she passed in 2004.

Action movie star Vin Diesel has also come to appreciate the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Of the several dogs the famous actor is known to have, one is a Staffie that goes by the name of Winston. Interestingly, it is often said that dogs and their owners match in personality. While the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one that offers a strong and muscular appearance, their temperament is quite warm and welcoming. At the same time, they are bold, courageous and have very little fear of anything that crosses their path. The same has often been said about the award winning performer.

Comedian and actor Raymond Romano from the popular hit series Everybody Loves Raymond owns a beautiful caramel Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The Staffie has the perfect temperament for children yet can be discouraging to trespassers. Even while the Staffordshire Bull Terrier readily guards its property from strangers it always keeps a wonderful disposition with owners. This helps afford celebrities the sought after privacy they sometimes have difficulty keeping. It is no wonder the breed is a popular choice with a number of movie and TV stars around the world.

Source: Terrific Pets