About us.

Wags and Bones Staffie Rescue Support was created on 1st May 2012. We are a Staffie orientated group but you do not need to own a Staffie or even any other kind of dog to be a member of our groups.  All are welcome as long as you share our aims and values and abide by the principles of the group.  We support Staffies, Staffie x and occasionally other bull/cross breeds in need of rescue, foster and forever homes.

We are delighted to announce that on 9th May, 2016, we gained registered charity status!


We ONLY donate to rescues in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and not to overseas rescues.  We feel we need to get our own house in order before donating to dogs abroad.

We will crosspost for established and responsible rescues but we cannot help with private rehoming requests, nor with adverts from Gumtree/Preloved etc.  We are NOT a rescue group and as such cannot help to rehome dogs.
This is because there are too many logistics to be taken into account and we are not qualified enough to do this on behalf of private owners.  In these instances, we would advise them to contact a local rescue to ask for advice.  It has been brought to our attention that people are stating they are members of our group as verification that they are trustworthy and able to foster/adopt dogs.  This is unacceptable and not true.  Any members found to be doing this will be immediately banned.  As much as we don’t want to, if our guidelines are not adhered to, we will have to make the group invitation only.

We do not condone breeding while there are so many dogs in rescue, however, it does happen that some puppies are bought before people are aware of the situation in UK rescues.  It is up to us to educate and help people.  It is not the dog’s fault it is on this earth and every dog deserves a chance of life.

OUR AIMS : To raise funds to support Rescues with veterinary, transport and general costs.Funds are raised through donations, sales from our Facebook Shop, online auctions and fundraising events. All funds raised are used to aid and support the work of Rescues and are fully accounted for and donated with great care.

To establish good working relationships with Rescues and other Groups.
We are happy for requests of help to be posted regarding transport runs, homechecks, fostering, adopting etc but we are NOT a rescue. We will NOT allow advertising of dogs for sale or breeding and any such posts will be removed by admin without prior notice.

To promote responsible dog ownership and to assist members by sharing information and advice on all aspects of dog ownership, health and training. ***We do NOT condone breeding!*** There are already too many bull breeds in rescue.


SheilaI’m Sheila, I have one daughter Emma who I am very proud of and I am married to Graham. I left college and became a manager in the Hotel and Catering industry , since then have owned and run a successful manufacturing business. For the last 15 years I have worked in finance . We have two Staffies both rescues and I have become very passionate for the plight of the many less fortunate dogs , I like to think I devote as much time as I can to help raise awareness of the breeds problems , I also try my best to be a respected fundraiser to help those staffies in need …Wags and Bones is a dream come true for myself and the other admins in the team we work fantastically together and just love the fact we have brought so many people together who all just want a fun place to meet whilst still doing great things for the dogs.

13100852_10156896272520352_1910647063005610760_nI am Emma, I am Sheila’s daughter and mother to an old chocolate Lab called Fred who came into my life in 2011 (unclaimed stray from the pound). My love of bull breeds started way back in 1997 when as a family we got our first Stafford Rocky while living in South Africa and I just adore Mum’s 2 current Staffies, Tula and Stompie. I think once you have had the pleasure of properly meeting a stafford or other Bullie you can’t help but fall in love with their character and loyal loving nature. This is why I am so proud to be a founding member of Wags and do what i can when I’m not busy with my day job as a Management Accountant. For me it is not just about raising money to help dogs in desperate need of love and care, it is also about educating the public about the true nature of our wonderful dogs and promoting responsible ownership. Wags has a fabulous, diverse and trustworthy admin team, and such generous supportive members. I so am proud to be part of it.

FionaI’m Fiona, married to Andrew and have human daughter Annice and our Staffie X Bella – a rescue from Battersea Dogs home. I work as an Administrative Assistant for a Real Estate Investors following 18 years of working within the Investment Banking Sector. Since we got Bella from Battersea in May 2011 – my eyes have been truly opened to the plight of this misunderstood breed – and given me a passion to do the best I can to help with the work Wags & Bones does to fund raise and get more of these dogs to safety.

DerekI’m Derek,G.O.D. (good old derek),lol. I was married for 24 yrs (now single)!! I have both a son and daughter and now Grandad to two grandaughters (Lily Mae & Evie) and a grandson (Harry).  I am an electrician by trade. I owned a Rally car tuning business, then moved on and ran a nightclub for 17 years before ending up making canvas pictures. I am now retired. I fell in love with Staffies when my daughter, Gemma, took on Diesel as a rescue from the vets where she is a VN and now am grandad to Buddy my son Russell’s EBT who we rescued at the age of only 6 weeks.Wags and Bones is fulfilling my dream of 2012 of uniting old and new friends for the sole purpose of saving as many dogs as we can!! It is keeping me busy making clocks etc lol. As a co-founder Wags & Bones I am so proud of my fellow admin and all our great members “Waggers” without them we could not have helped save so many dogs giving them the lives they deserve.

993369_719277901431570_1215797569_nI’m Andrea, I have a daughter, Gemma (in the pic with me) and a son, Robbie and currently married to Paul.  I’m owned by 3 SBT crosses, Kizzie, Bella and Lili and as well as being a founder member of Wags, I also help out on the Deed Not Breed Facebook page, run Willow the Wobbly Staffie with my daughter (after she lost her dog Willow to L2-HGA), volunteer on reception at my local RSPCA and am a volunteer for a local organisation called Homeward Bound.  I’m heavily involved in raising awareness of L2-HGA in SBT & SBTx following Willow’s diagnosis and realising that not many people, vets included, were aware of the condition.  As you can see, dog welfare is of the utmost importance to me, as what would they do without us?

As Wags and Bones has moved from strength to strength, the Founders agreed that we needed help with running the day to day stuff in the Facebook group.  We’re happy to say that our admins agreed to help us and have proved invaluable.

Wags’ Admin Team

CatherineHi everyone, I’m Catherine. I live in Devon, although I come from Hampshire originally. I’m married to Tony and we have 2 children, Matthew who is 25 and Sarah who is 20. I work in a village pub, which has a shop and post office in it, so i never know what each day will bring. We adopted our first Staffie Honey after losing our first ‘oldie’ Nellie, and deciding we wanted to give another older dog a home. I saw Honey on Gables Farm rescues website and knew I wanted to meet her. I didn’t know much about Staffies except that their reputation was unjustified, and owning first Honey (now sadly at Rainbow Bridge) and now Davey has really opened my eyes to how unfairly they are treated in many ways. I would like to do my bit to help all homeless dogs out there, even if it s only by donating and spreading the word.  We have recently adopted our lovely Ruby, another oldie, who was sadly used for breeding xx

13101243_10208637153903613_478889082_nI’m Leanne, otherwise known as Lea one of your senior admin. i have been on this incredible journey with Wags & Bones since the start. and i am very proud to be part of such an amazing team I’m 37 and live with my fiance Rose. in a small country village just outside hull, We are owned by Miss Zillie our 4year old staffie who is our world. I don’t have any degrees and such but I have a big heart and will do all I can to help raise awareness of the staffordshire bull terrier breed as well as fundraising for my local dog rescue.

carol-annHi! I’m Carol-Ann Winterbourne-Welsh. I’m married with one daughter and my two fur babies. Rollo, my Staffie x lurcher and Mr Flibble. Most people know me as Charlie or Caz, some know me as the crazy blanket lady as I crochet blankets for charity (you can often find them in the Wags auction room).




johnMy name is John, I’ve been married for 29 years and I’ve got two sons aged 27 & 28. I was a newspaper printer before I had to give up my job to look after my wife due to ill health. I’ve grown up with Staffies from the early 70’s and had them all my life and I love the breed with all my heart, and whats happening to Staffies due to over breeding and bad owners is nothing short of shocking but thanks to great groups like Wags & Bones we are able to help them, I will be very happy to help members any way I can or point you to someone else who can. :0)


DanniI’m Danni. I am single and have no kids of my own. For nearly 20 years I worked in various forms of social care. I returned to education in my mid 20’s and qualified as a Social Worker, I also completed a BA Honours in Sociology with Psychology. I am currently not working but am aiming to return in the very near future but in the meantime I love what I do in terms of crossposting, fundraising and awareness of our beloved breed.  I grew up with a love of all animals but particularly dogs, but as an adult I wasn’t privileged enough to have my own dog until I adopted Lola from Woodgreen. I never knew anything about the plight of staffies until I joined some of the groups and was horrified. I am now passionate about raising awareness of staffies and other bull breeds.  I’m also very interested in researching canine epilepsy, nutrition and training x

13059869_10154065527302719_624755211_nMy name is Brenda O’Shea, I’ve worked as a nurse and have also worked in retail, I am a mum, grandmother and great gran, have three children and four step children, married, and have the same in common as most of us, I own a beautiful staffie x
I love Wags and what it stands for
(What Brenda won’t tell you is that she is the fastest knitter in the South and is responsible for keeping most of the Wags dogs warm in winter with her Auntie Brenda’s Designer Original Woolly Pullies © Thank you, Brenda x)


paulaPaula Kelly Sadly Paula has retired from Wags due to personal commitments and is sadly missed but we wish her well and know she will keep in touch with us all.  Thank you for your help and support, Paula

HelenHello I’m Helen. Married, with two grown up sons and am owned by two rescue staffies. I work in the tourism and leisure sector. I adopted my first staffie 7 years ago and until then was totally unaware of the plight of bull breeds in rescue. I have been a member of Wags and Bones since the early days and more recently as an admin. I am proud to be a small part of such a fun loving fantastic group xx


13100985_10209269978251334_743196800_nHi! I’m Hayley Evans. I’m married to Neil we have 2 human children Andrew (23) Molly (15) & 1 furkid Darcy (3). I’m a qualified hairdresser & I worked in the industry for many years until my husband & I started our own business in 2005, we worked together until 2012 when I was medically retired. We have friends/family that have had Staffords for many years so knew of their loving nature but when we rescued Darcy in Sept 2012 our eyes were really opened to the plight of our beloved breed. I joined many groups and was appalled at the sheer amount of mistreated and unwanted Staffords in rescue. I’m passionate about spreading the word and educating people. (My son says I go on a bit) Since joining Wags and Bones I’ve never been happier, getting to help our breed and meeting fabulous new friends.

13082181_1117692191585255_390109058_nHi I’m Deirdre Young I live in Antrim, a beautiful part of N.Ireland with my partner Paul (who I’m marrying next April) our 2 snuggle monsters Daisy and Regan, my 2 kids Caitriona 23 and Colm 22 and my step daughter Shona 7, I work as a Residential Social Care Worker for the Health service looking after adults with a learning disability in the community I’ve done this for for 32 years ( I know i don’t look old enough lol).
I also do volunteer work, for NISBTR doing home checks and the like and for the local homeless/halfway shelter for young folk who find themselves on the streets..
My passion is animals, especially dogs, I grew up with 9 dogs, 6 cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds …. my dad rescued everything and mended animals who people found and brought to our house…it was known locally as “Woof Woof Hotel” … we even had a horse he rescued .. try that living in a council estate …
I, like my fellow admin team am on a mission to rid the world of its tarnished/dated views/image of our beautiful beloved breed and will do whatever it takes …. I have found so many friends on WAGS they seem like family …very caring, sympathetic and genuine, it is without a doubt the best run group around and I think we are ALL doing a fab job …looking forward to lots more of the same especially raising lots of cash to help those less fortunate than ours xx

CgFhKfnXEAAmxczLast but not least, meet Kev, our anti-BSL Staffie bear.  He has travelled far and wide with Wags members to raise awareness of BSL .  For a small fund raising fee of £5 a week, you could foster Kev.  All we ask is that you photograph his travels and antics and share them with our group.

If you would like to foster Kev for a week, please join our Facebook group for more information.

2 Responses to About us.

  1. anne says:

    Hi, I’m Anne. I work in the nhs. I have 2 staffies: 7 year old Chloe and 9 year old Strauss. I also have a cat and they l live in harmony. All my pets are rescues. I found out about the the group by searching for staffies on face book. Thanks for accepting me.🙂

  2. Thank you Wags for all the help you have given to so many dogs in rescue throughout the UK. Your hard work raising such huge amounts for vet and other fees is amazing! And what a fabulous group, informative and fun. You make us all feel like one big family and I’m proud to be a wee part of it. You’re amazing xx

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