Wags and bones has already become the most amazing group as Sheila says, fun n games, love n laughter, no rivalry or ego’s, just the ticket, but at the same time when it comes down to the bits that really are urgent, on the ball these admin are, so for me I will say what more could u ask for,, brill group, members and of course admin, happy four week aniversary, with many more to come xxxx – Brenda O’Shea

I’m in this group because Sheila Fullwood made me, I got no peace from the admin team! lol. Ha ha only kidding I’m here mainly for the fab friends I have made, everyone is so supportive without critisism, advice is given without being judged and in return we all give our support back to the group. xxx – Michelle Pilkington

I love Wags & Bones because I have felt right at home with everyone here from day one, the kindness and encouragment from you all after you heard my story was such a refreshing change and made me feel accepted and not like I had to hide it and feel ashamed. What this group has is very rare and special and I am proud to be a part of such an amazing, accepting, helpful & diverse group of people. The work you do for this amazing breed is outstanding, but its more than that you are all there to help and support each other with no nastiness, no bitching and no back stabbing – its a refreshing change to be a part of a group that effortlessly achieves this day after day while working so hard to promote and help our beautiful misunderstood Staffies xxx – Hayley Lloyd

I love wags because of all the genuine people on here, it is so refreshing to see there is no back stabbing or bitching, everyone plods along together nicely, there are no egos on here ,not only is everyone here to help dogs but also here to help a hand when needed for each other, the kindness shown to me recently when i put up a very personal post was just so over whelming and the help that kept arriving by pm’s was immense, i am really proud to be a part of this ever growing group, a group that cares , a group where everyone feels at home . I feel i know each of you personally even though we have never met , just never got this from any other group before. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone of you for your kindness and support you all gave me just last week , i dont think you all rrealise just how much you all helped me and made me feel that what i was feeling was normal. You are all very special people with massive hearts so thanks again. And well done to all the Admin team the way you started this group and moving from the other was brilliantly done xxx – Lorraine Hollingworth

im on wags and bones because simply i feel at home with like minded people who love this fantastic breed of ours, where we have a laugh and a giggle but also the serious side of fund raising to help the less fortunate staffies out there, and a mention of our admin team who are a happy approachable bunch who are always happy to help when called upon. :0) – John Sweeney

Wags and Bones is –

Sublime XX – Sue ‘Trippin’ Tribe

Wags and Bones is by far the best group that I am a member of. To be honest when I was first added I thought its just another staffie group but its nothing like that. Its any animal, dog breed etc. I have noticed on other groups that people are shunned and sometimes bullied when they are looking for advice, I myself have once been on the receiving end of this by merely commenting that I use a skooshy bottle to help train Lily. When I was going through a rough patch a few weeks ago the members and admin on this group were fantastic and never once judged me, for that I am gratefull. This group really makes you feel like you belong to something special and is like an extended family. I feel blessed to be part of such a great group of people.
xxx – Elizabeth Sweeney

First of all i would like to take this oppertunity to say thankyou for setting up this group. Yous are a great inspiration to the beautiful breed. Love your thoughts, goals and determination. Yous guys are so lovley. Full of love and accepting to all walks of life. Love the copititions,ideas and so exciting. Its everyones group but we have great leaders(dont let that go to your heads) pmls.)Were all here for one another as we have a big family here to support. 4 weeks woop woop!xxxxx –
I also would like to say that there isnt any egoes on this group. We all have a goal in it. We have great admin whos not up their butts. We must have great admin to make a great group. Also yous have peoples skills n acceptence to all walks of life. Everyone is made welcolm n is allowed to be who they are, I remember i was in a group a long time ago n it was about themself n their dogs n sat at the computer n used the keyboard. critizing people n thought they knew nothing. alot of jealousy there n thats so sad. THis group is against it n i love that. Be proud of yourselfs
x – Jane McGregor

I love Wags and Bones because I FEEL I BELONG.
It’s so disheartening in other groups when you ask a question or put a pic up of ur loved furball and no1 comments….it makes you feel ” Why did I bother…..I don’t belong to the cllique? !!! On Waggs there are no cliques….just nice friendly people who are all here to help the dogs. I try and help with whatever little I can donate because I now feel confident my money will go to help Staffies in need. I can’t wait for next month when my pension comes ….I’ve got my eye on one of the wonderful gifts in the Wag’s shop……I’m going to treat my Budd
y .:) – Gayle Labib

I had kind of given up on the group idea, not as though I’ve had any problems with anyone myself but seen friends of mine devastated by snap dragons. I know I’ve not given much of a contribution to this group as yet but I can see a lot of my friends on here and feel comfortable writing on here. Well done you all it’s about time we all put the past behind us and get on with what we do best xxx – Helen

Im here because my friends are here. Even though we havent all met face to face I feel that i have known you all for years. Wags is the first thing i look at in the morning, before I look at my news feed, its where I pop in and out during the day when work is quiet. Its where I share my pics. My friends (Now Wags) is who i freeked out to when Punjab was bitten by the Puff adder, and who I got pretty drunk with at the same time. It just feels like home. xxxx Love you all xx – Sharon Mills

Wags and bones to me is a place where I can truly unwind when I am penisive, have a laugh when I am down and have a shoulder to lean on if I need it. In fact the group is one of the best forms for therapy (sorry but bully cuddles win) for me. It’s really nice to be on a group where there are no “cliques” and everyone gets and has a great time be it having a laugh, raising awareness or fund raising etc. – Jessica Springall

I β™₯ Wags because there is no bitching or back biting and whether you just want to share a pic or discuss a problem there is always lovely friendly people on here to ‘like’ or help. Admin are always around and are brilliant, and I feel the members are actually friends who don’t judge others. As for the Staffie part, well that’s just a huge bonus lol, and you know the admin team genuinely raise funds to help them. I am a member of lots of Staffie groups but this one does stand out and the only one I visit every day. Long live Wags xxx As for improvements….a tough one….I do think it would be great to try and arrange meet up days but I know this would be difficult…. – Jane Sheller

I love this group , when i first started looking for staffie groups i joined several , but always found myself flitting back to this admin team πŸ˜‰ its difficult to interprit people when on fb , and i dont give my trust , easily , but i have no such issues with wags ,they are by far the most genuine , modest , and sincere team ive found , theyve taken flack from “other persons” without back biting and lowering there selves to their level, i feel comfortable asking for advice , being a novice staffy owner , and the great and hard work that the admin team does shows in the response and apreciation of its members , …….thankyou on behalf of myself , little velvet head and all the furries in need that you’ve selflessly helped so far πŸ˜‰ xxxx – Ann McIntyre

I feel comfortable here with the admin team. No-one is made to feel left out and all are welcome. FB is a good way of bringing people together and whilst I do not know anyone in the group in the “real” world I’m sure that I would get on with them just as well.
Everyone is made to feel welcome and all comments and pictures are acknowledged, even a simple “like” means that your post has connected with another member in some way.
Let’s also not forget the work done behind the scenes to run the shop, raise funds, help staffies and raise awareness of our favourite breed.
So let’s raise a paw and a toast to the first four weeks and here’s to many more. Well done guys and girls.
– Paul Bergman

I dont like Wags and Bones………I LOVE Wags and Bones! Its run by top people,its fun and cheery and serious when needed and most importantly helps dogs and people alike! Great members,stunning pics…….oops did you say one sentence? Xx – Margaret Keane

Wags & Bones are the most fantastic group ever!! They make you feel welcome and part of the “family” – friendly banter & lots of fun. But the best part of it is the fantastic amount of help given to dogs in need. As part of a rescue I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to have the help and support of Waggers. Their hard work and dedication is truly appreciated. Shiona Cameron


4 thoughts on “‘Testimonials’

  1. I have to agree with everything that’s been written already. Wags is such a wonderful group of non judgemental and supportive people and I’m proud to be a member. All the Admin and members are lovely people, and the help they give through fundraising is phenomenal. I love the competitions every day and love to give my support where I can. I have been lucky to have met a few members in the flesh and they’re as nice as I thought they would be.
    Staffies are my heart, so it’s great to be part of a group that helps this much maligned breed. Only people that have Staffies know what wonderful, loving dogs they are.
    Thank you everyone for your friendship and support. xxx Sue Biggs.

    • Thank you for your kind words Susan. It’s always nice to have feedback from our members. Without you all, Wags wouldn’t be the amazing group it is.

  2. I love this amazing group, its more like an extended family. People post great stuff & you cant help but be cheery but if your not thats okay too, someone is always around.
    The fundraising is inspirational & the group run in a clear & transparent way. Definitely proud to be a member xx

  3. Wags and Bones are the best group ever! Everyone is so friendly and not a bad word ever spoken on their page, it’s really good fun but behind it all are hard working admin who go all out to help dogs in rescues with their ever mounting vet fees or anything else they may need. The amounts raised and donated are absolutely amazing! I’m so proud to be a little part of that along with all the other lovely members, always there for you if you need support. Thank you Wags – one big happy family xx

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