L2HGA – What is it?

L2HGAL2HGA  is an uncommon but debilitating disease of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and crossbreeds. Its main symptoms are seen in young dogs, many die at under three years old, and show signs of fits, abnormal behaviour, muscle cramps and walk with a wobble. The disease is inherited from the dog’s parents. It has been found in both purebred Staffords and in rescue dogs, where a recent study by this group found that 2.5 in every 1000 rescue Staffordshire Bull terriers and their crosses have the disease. L2HGA is an unusual problem because of the popularity of the breed and the fact that many dogs are not from well controlled breeding programmes. Careful breeding, using very simple DNA tests could completely eradicate this disease. Have a look at www.L2HGA.com for more information – and keep SPREADING the word, to vets, breeders, and rescue centres – you’re making a great difference to a lovely breed 🙂

Source: https://www.facebook.com/L2HGACanine

At Wags and Bones, we are happy to work with L2HGA Canine to help raise awareness of this condition in our beloved breed.  Awareness is the only way to help eradicate it.