© Smiff-ease-Shots ~ Rick Smith Photography

© Smiff-ease-Shots ~ Rick Smith Photography

Interesting isn’t it? We asked our members what they did for a living. Here are their answers:

Claire W: I work for the GMC and am working towards my BA in History and have one staffie and a mastiff crossed with I don’t know what

Kirsten H: dog groomer and also a proud owner of a staffie we rescued her almost 2 years ago and she is our baby girl

Helen E: I’m a tourist information officer, and former theatre duty manager. And the proud Mum of two staffies xx

Lisa S: I’m a laboratory technician and very proud owner of 2 beautiful rescue staffy’s and a 18 month old baby. X

Jordan L: I’m currently unemployed but have 2 qualifications in animal care n proud owner of one beautiful staffie

Andrea P: At the moment, I’m a housewife but kept busy with Willow’s Fund, DNB, L2HGA and the RSPCA.  I have 3 staffie crosses and have both tattoos and piercings

Claire McL: I’m a rehab support worker for over 65’s, we work alongside Occupational & Physiotherapists to promote independent living after surgery/stroke/heart problems/breaks & fractures, etc. I also have my own Spray Tanning business & looking to expand to nails, lashes, waxing, ect & I have 2 Staffies, Stella who is 17 months who we’ve had since she was 8 weeks & Costa who is 12 months approx who we adopted from rescue in Oct I had 2 Staffies previously who sadly passed away xx

Sharline K: I am a nursing assistant in a private hospital & a VERY proud owner of my 2nd beautiful well behaved staffie X

Lesley R: I am a retired housing officer and specialised in anti-social behaviour. And a proud mum to 2 staffies

Helen C: Currently in logistics, previously owned my own business and before that pub manager and a nanny. My first boy was a rescue from Bellmead, sadly only with me for a few short years as he had cancer. Now have Diamond who was adopted from someone that didn’t want her any more and very proud to be a Staffie Mum x

Fay L: I’m a legal Secretary, I have a law degree from Pembroke college Oxford. I am the proud mom of a rescue Alsatian cross but was raised with staffies

Claire G: Rescue owner, trainer and behaviourist holding diplomas with distinctions in canine psychology and training, 12 GCSES, 3 A levels, Xray operator certificate (airports), moving and handling, medication administration certifications. I have 4 rescued staffies who are 18m, 4 y,6y,7y who I’ve had each one from babies the 7 year old being hand fed from 2 hours old

Tammy G: I’m a midwife and proud mummy of my staffie boy kai who has a human brother or sister on the way due May xcx

Emma R: I am a Senior Medical Secretary and a line manager who also deputises for a Practice Manager and I do the wages and pensions. I am the proud parent of two rescue staffies whom my life revolves around x

Anna J: I’m a self employed bookkeeper and credit controller, and proud mum of 2 staffies Gypsy and Tilly. Got them from rescue last June

Charmaine N: National Diploma in animal care including dog behaviour, 13 distinctions, 6 merits, city and guilds in kennel craft, certificate in the competence in the safe use of veterinary medicine, manual handling, first aid, 11 gcses, worked at vets, rspca and grooming parlour. Single mum to 3 young boys, 3 rescue dogs incl lil blue staff girl and fostering a husky x staff and a cat x

Tracy H: I have a BSc hons degree in Radiotherapy and treat cancer patients. Very proud mum of 2 rescue staffies. Xx

Joanne L: I’m a self employed domestic but qualifications in Sociology, Psychology, IT, Criminology, English and Maths….but looking into going to Myerscough College to do a Diploma in animal care and also a staff owner

Georgina M: I’m a qualified legal secretary and also a qualified beauty therapist, both I’ve never took up. I’m between jobs atm but was an adult support worker for elderly and disabled, and a proud single mum of a staffie, oh, and 3 teenagers for 14yrs x

Karis F: I study Zoology and graduate in May. I’m a fosterer and also help with transport runs, fundraising, Home checks and the Staffie Smile Facebook Page. I am also a canine first aider x

Catherine B: I have a few o levels and 1 a level. Used to work for dept of employment years ago. Only done part time jobs since getting married nearly 30 years ago. Proud owner of 2 rescue staffies now and a 3rd who is now the bridge xx

Tracie M: I’m a cleaning supervisor for local powerstation, previous pub manager/land lady. Qualified BookKeeper and NVQ level 2 in cooking lol. I am mummy to a 18 yr old son, 1 Staffy Blue, 1 Lab x Sharpei Dave an the crazy Staff x American Bull Peanut xxx

Tricia B: I am a mental health nurse Bsc (though how I got that is still a mystery to me lol) and currently work in peri natal care. I have Jacko who I got at 8 weeks as a mothers day present. I can’t say I own him more the other way round. My lovely boy is 4 now. He came in a box of wine. No wine though (shame)

Georgina M: ooh I have a gnvq level 2 business admin too keep forgetting I have a brain, it’s been mushed by nearly 18yrs of being mum x (I have 4 tattoos a belly ring I wear Nike and come from Battersea, do I fit the sterotype yet? lol I’m a bit common or as my sister calls me chavtastic lol)

Heidi M: I am an accountant in nhs and proud mum to two rescue Staffies

Kenny K: I failed my 11 plus, missed out on college & also university.
I have the most important qualification in the whole world, just like you lot.
That’s all that counts.

Zoe T: I’m an account for my dads small company, I am also the machinist and sew all the removable valve jackets and I’ve just started up my own dog grooming salon, did my training and fully qualified x Oh also mum to Kurt who is 12 and 3 fur babies x

Jane M; I’m an Auditor, mum of three including my boy Staffy x

John S: The only qualifications I have are level 1,2&3 city & guilds vehicle body repair it took me two years to qualify, I enjoyed college but hated it when I got a job in a car repair centre, I hated all the paint fumes and dust from the body filler and I only stuck it for about 18 months and left ….. I’m currently caring for my wife who’s ill ( 4 years now ) but hopefully one day I can get back to work … But I am a very very proud owner of two sbt’s who are my life and have helped me through some dark times ….

Stuart E: Left school with hee haw qualifications, joined the RAF got qualifications in aeronautical engineering now got NEBOSH and IRCA lead Auditor Cerys and have been working as a quality engineer working in QHSE within oil & gas industry for last 7 years. Currently have 1 Staffie and have fostered and rescued and owned many more . To look at I’m a stereotypical media portrayal of a Staffie owner, skinhead and tattoos

Sheralyn S: I run an outside catering business, I’m a chef for a fitness bootcamp, I’m my mums carer and I’m Fawns mum:)

Sarah C: I’m a laboratory technician too Lisa Stars, I’m in the Pharmacy labs at a University, Proud Mum to a 21 year old son and a rescue Staffie Alice who we’ve had 4 years and she’s roughly 6 years old. Xx

Deirdre Y: I’m a residential social care worker for adults with a learning disability doing it 25 yrs and love it … I have 2 kids my daughter 21 is at uni in London my son 19 lives with me at home .. but most importantly I have 2 gorgeous fur babies, Tusker who’s 10 in May and Daisy who’s 2 and they are my world … my reason to smile every morning with their licky tongues and waggy bums and prob the most photographed pups in the world. … 9 tattoos and 2 piercings and craving more tattoos gonna my Daisy done on my back beside my other 2 babies

Steph L: Although I’m only a customer advisor, I do have my ABC levels 2+3 in Animal Care and a National Diploma in Animal Management xxx

Jane C: I am a part time orthopedic nurse ..had to go p/t as carer for my hubby since 2009 now so only work a few hours a day to keep some normality in my life although so so tiring but worth it when come home to my nutty staff x Taz, a rescue, now nearly 4 and that’s me lol

Lily B: I’m trained in Payroll and other “exciting” things but am unable to work outside of home due to illness. Now I make wooden goodies and help to raise money for LASR. I am a very proud mummy to our 2 staffs, Daisy 2 1/2 and Tank 19 weeks. X

Hegz G: I have a bsc psychology and counselling, a counselling diploma and soon to be a phd in clinical psychology… and I learned more in the first 2weeks of getting a puppy haha

Bernadette J: I am a carer for my son. Before my father died I helped him in his accountancy business, mainly dealing with the preparation of annual account and Tax Returns for one man businesses. I have a degree in business studies.

Sheila F: I am a beach bum lol

Emma F: I am a management accountant by day and rose wine, bacon and nanna nap addict the rest of the time lol

Sheila F: I am qualified in hotel management and in catering management, I am also qualified in public health and hygiene. I have had my own manufacturing business, I now do none of these lol

Kim P: I’m an army veteran and I am now retired due To health reasons but I was an emergency nurse and a dental and facial surgery nurse

Hayley P: got me A levels in Law Sociology and Psychology that is all lol xx (I have one tattoo, a lot of piercings and wear everything Nike lol BUT everyone says i sound far too posh to be chavvy lol xx)

Adrianne G: In my first year of vet school

Sue C: I’m a retired library manager, 60 this year. Oh yeah, I’ve got a tattoo

Cherry R: I left school with no qualifications but common sense and my life experiences have led to some great jobs! I am now retired and love it!I am a carer to a family member with autism, before and after school as his mum works full time, I volunteer with rescues doing homechecks and transport runs and have also fostered but have had to give that up as I am crap at it and fail so easily! lol. I have 5 dogs, one being Teddy my sbt cross and a wonderful supportive hubby x I wouldn’t change my life for anything

Kathy G: Retired nurse and midwife.

Cheryl T: I am qualified youth worker yuk then wised up and took more exams and worked as HR exec , I now work part time for my hubby. I also have tattoos and few piercings

Holly S: I qualified as an animal behaviourist and groomer. I actually work in administration

Jade P: I’m a pet photographer. Proud owner of a Stafford cross English Bull. A greyhound. And a labxcolliexspaniel. Xx

Sharyn C: I’m a carer, qualified 2 give medication, was a senior carer in an emi unit b4 givin up 2 help family, work part time on tills at Morrisons, got 2 staffs x

Karen G: I have a NVQ level 3 in the care of the elderly behind me.
I have a pass in a university degree essay.
I also have a health and hygiene certificate under my belt.
At the moment iam doing English Basic skills and have recently just passed the presentation part of it.
Am going to continue in to resit my GCSE English in September.
I worked in a nursing home for 8 years which I gave up to become a full time mum.
Iam currently chairperson of the PTA at Luke’s school and the proud owner of 2 staffies.
Oh I also have 4 tattoos and 9 piercings xx

Paige K: I’m soon to be self employed free lance photographer, trained bar tender, waitress and self taught chef. Currently a SAHM to my 15month old son, and a proud rescue mummy to my Gracie oh and I’m only 19, with two tattoos (soon to be a half sleeve) and a crazy hair cut

Rosebird F: Prison officer. NVQ level 3 Custodial care, 2 years of Forensic science and Criminology degree, 5 a levels. 13 tattoos, and a nutter Staffy called Vinnie who is an absolute legend.

Peter O: I served an apprenticeship as a pipefitter I’m now a Construction Engineer and I own my company. I have a few tattoos and a proud owner of 2 staffies.

Jackie L: I’m a self employed hair stylist also qualified in hair extensions and ear piercing I go to a nursing home once a week to do all the ladies and gents hairs I can tell you if you ever need a boost go volunteer in one they have so many stories to tell and the staff just haven’t the time to sit with them all the time but have to say they do a fabulous job and very proud owner of two staffies and a british bulldog

Stephanie C: I’ve just career changed from an ambulance technician to a dog creche assistant so I’ve registered to do a Canine Studies Diploma! Have a staffie and 2 rottiexstaffs and no tats only because I can’t make a decision!

Kim T: I’m a cardiac nurse (sister) and have a BSc (Hons) in cardiac nursing. Proud of myself considering I didn’t start my career until I was 40! Life begins… and all that I also have a Diploma in Indian Head Massage, but haven’t been able to practice yet because of the op on my hand. And I have a tattoo of a dolphin on my shoulder lol We have a GSD/collie cross aged nearly 14, and 3 staffy crosses of varying degrees. One around 4 and the terrible twins at 6 months.

Paul B: Worked in the Civil Service for four years (Unemployment Benefit Office). Spent 20 years and 4 days in HSBC as a manager. Now I work as a delivery driver for online shopping at Sainsburys. Also qualified in Indian Head Massage, Refelexology, Reiki Master and a few other therapies. The pups love getting Reiki from us!! We have two rescue  Staffs

Lorraine J: At the mo I’m a cashier at a petrol station and mum

Andrea E: I am a caterer and travel round the uk doing private catering backstage for bands and vip after partys and stuff as well as more mundane stuff… husband is a TIE and iv just had my 5th child last year im 32 . …so with the festival season fast aproaching im thinking maybe i need a grown up job! I volunteer in a pound and have 1 tiny tatoo havent ever even had my ears peirced…..cos im to scared and i have a deaf rescue staffy who is 15 this year and a 3 year old rescue AB who chose us last year xx

Alison H: I’m a health physics and safety supervisor at a nuclear establishment, also a tattooist and artist and I have more tattoos than I could count lol @ sinister arts and crafts

Andrea B: Have been married nearly 24 years we have 5 children. I am 42 next month. We have our own business … yes I have tattoo’s …due to have my next tat on 29th March

Karen K: I’m an accounting technician, with a foundation degree in Accounting and financial management, so boring…working for an engineering company.’I’m a mother of 3 sons, and a nana to two lovely grandsons…and proud owner of a Staffie called Belle..and Golden Retriver called Paddy…and have a

Laura R: Btec national diploma in child care level 2 health and social care and I am a support worker for adults with learning disabilities and I am a mother 2 kids 2 Staffies 6 cats and 3 guinea pigs x

Kelly B: I’m qualified support worker & childminder. Also have various medical based qualifications. Registered disabled due to having SAPD, OCD & PTSD so now work from home doing charity awareness & computing. Proud mummy of 2 kids, 1 patterdale 1 cat & fostering 1 shetland pony, 1x horse & one very big lovely beautiful staffie

Tori C: I’m a clerical officer for Sisters in the NHS, and a distributor for Forever Living Products (Aloe Vera) – proud owner of Dexter the Destroyer as he is now known!!

Lisa G: BA Honors Degree social work I also have two staffies, chihuahua, cat , koi carp , lizard

Dia B: I’m a qualified accountant. However I’m now a postie! X

Jenni P: I’m a catering assistant and a mum to Rebs a 3 1/2 year old staffy

Susan B: I am now retired but love the Bull Breeds and am lucky to have an amazing American Bulldog and a foster Staffie. xxx

Carol-Ann: My husband is a S.A.C Tech with the Royal Air force with A levels in Computer Programming, Art and History. I have recently given up a career in property law to raise our daughter and to further my education with the hopes of becoming a chef and releasing my own cook book. I also have an A level in Animal Management.